2014 Brazos Valley Worldfest

11/22/2014 12:03

On November 22, 2014, the annual Brazos Valley Worldfest took place.  The event opened at 10:00 AM but was cut short and cancelled around 11:00 AM due to threatening weather in the area.  There were around 20-30 visitors to the booth before the event was cancelled.

This year there was an activity for the visitors centered on one of the Czech Christmas traditions.  It involved floating a boat made from walnut shells with a small lit candle. The longer the boat floats and the candle burns, the longer you will live.  This seemed to be a popular activity with our visitors.  In addition, Tanya Wagner made a nice poster about end of the year Czech traditions which was also very well received by our visitors and Jo Ann  Zaeske and Lynette Urbanovsky provided pictures from BVCHS past activities that were used at the event.    

Many BVCHS members contributed to the festivities.  Frank and Marie Dulak baked apple strudels.  Loraine Roessler baked apple strudels and helped at the booth.  Jo Ann Zaeske baked cookies.  EJ Biskup volunteered at the booth and helped pack up when the event was cancelled.  Tanya Wagner, Alena, Kamila and Erika Vitha helped with set-up and packing during the event. Stan Vitha baked kolaches (10 large ones, one medium), Christmas breads (10 large braided breads, two non-braided loaves) and four poppy seed strudels.  Josie Millberger made a number of decorative floral head pieces to be sold at the booth.  Josie also had polka T-shirts for sale.  Sheryl Wenck, Charles and Regina Opersteny, and Lynette Urbanovsky signed up to volunteer at the booth, but the show was shut down before their time slot arrived.